In eleven months, the midterm elections to determine the 110th Congress will be held. Over the past months, the Bush administration and the Republican Party have been lambasted for their continued inability to steer the nation on a proper course. From the woeful response to Hurricane Katrina, to allegations of corruption plaguing the Capitol and the West Wing, to the CIA leak case, to the war in Iraq, polls from here until Sunday show a continuing decline in support for the party in power. Continue reading “Midterms”

Withdraw from Iraq

Can we lose the military engagement in Iraq, yet the country is placed on the road to stabilization? It is a possibility. While American forces are watching an insurgency become more intractable and harder to defeat, and even while there is a strong possibility that Iraq will cease to exist as a unified country, there are signs that an American pullout will be a defeat for us in that we fail to stop an insurgency, but also that it will mark the point when Iraq truly becomes a self-determinant state. Continue reading “Withdraw from Iraq”