Photo Dump: Atlantic Avenue Tunnel

This gallery features the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel. It’s one of the more interesting hidden places I’ve ever visited. One of the highlights came before even entering the tunnel, as the group I was part of lined up in the middle of Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, waiting to climb down into a manhole. One sees lots of weird shit living in NYC, but for people driving down Atlantic, what looked like a tour group ready to hit the sewers must have been a particularly head-shaking experience.

Photo Dump: Fort Totten

This gallery of Fort Totten was taken back in the winter of 2009.  That place was a pain in the ass to get to. Fort Totten is in Queens, and even though I lived in Queens at the time, it took three subway trains, a bus, and over two hours to get to Fort Totten. We took a cab back home.

These pics are all from the abandoned Battery Baker and Battery Sumner.

Photo Dump: Eastern State Penitentiary

These images were taken in 2008. They are of Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. The old and disused prison is an imposing structure — a fortress plopped down in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The prison is older than the neighborhood which grew up around it, but that doesn’t make a bit of difference to how out of place it feels. Continue readingPhoto Dump: Eastern State Penitentiary”

Photo Dump: Concrete City

This is one of my best urbex gets. Located near Wilkes-Barre, Concrete City looks like it’s been through a war, but all the bullet holes are just garden-variety Pennsylvania vandalism. Combined with the natural decay (the site has been abandoned since the 1920s) and the graffiti, it makes for an interesting cross of destructive aesthetics.

Photo Dump: Boyce Thompson Institute

Here is a gallery of images I took at the abandoned Boyce Thompson Institute in Yonkers in 2009. The building had been recently boarded up, and I wasn’t interested in a breaking and entering charge, so urbex that day was restricted to the marvelous greenhouses. AbandonedNYC went a few years later and was able to get inside, however. The property was sold and redeveloped not too long ago. Alas, the greenhouses did not survive.