Photo Dump: A Hospital, Somewhere, or, Urban Exploration 101

Here’s how you, too, can be an urban explorer. First, find an abandoned hospital. This should be easy. Health care has changed quite a bit since the mid 20th century. Once upon a time, if one were suffering from anything from mental retardation to mental illness, there was a bed in a psychiatric hospital waiting. Huge, sprawling facilities were constructed for the care, or neglect, of those with mental problems. Despite the enormous size of these facilities, overcrowding became a problem, contributing to problems with quality of care and the quality of life for the patients. Reform, and piles of lawsuits, led to a wave of deinstitutionalization. New treatments mean that yesterday’s inpatients are today’s outpatients, the reduced number of beds reserved for those with serious disturbances. Continue reading “Photo Dump: A Hospital, Somewhere, or, Urban Exploration 101”

Photo Dump: A School, Somewhere

Because yahoo locked my flickr account and threw away the key, I’ll be posting photographs on this site on occasion. The first photo dump is an abandoned school I found while driving through rural Ohio. Unlike some other urban explorers, I would have no problem with revealing the location, except for the fact that cops are trolling the internet these days looking for pics like this that are tagged with a location or GPS coordinates in the Exif data, and then issuing arrest warrants for the photographer for trespassing. That’s pretty damned underhanded, and, in my opinion, a waste of police resources. Anyway, the pics: