Photo Dump: Glendale Steps

The same day I took the photos of Glendale Cemetery, I also took photos of the nearby Glendale Steps. They’re an old WPA project that fell into disrepair. They have since been restored, but I got there first. There are two symmetrical flights going up the hill from Glendale Avenue to South Walnut Street. At the time these pics were taken, the flight on the western side was overgrown and impassable. Like the Glendale Cemetery images, the color was an accident.

Photo Dump: Glendale Cemetery

Here are some more pics from my locked flickr account. These are of Glendale Cemetery in Akron, Ohio. These are from way back in August of 1999. These were all taken with black and white film, but I mistakenly scanned them in color, and this is the result. I considered it a happy accident so I left it, and did some minor fiddling with saturation levels. The differences in tone was how the scanning software interpreted the varying levels of exposure. The picture of the road snaking through the cemetery is the most interesting to me, as the grass is kind of green. I swear I had nothing to do with that. There is no color information at all in the negatives, yet there it is — green grass.