Photo Dump: Air Force Museum

I took a trip to the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio recently. The museum consists of four gigantic aircraft hangars packed full with weapons of war. Old planes, new planes, prop-driven planes, rockets, jets, fighters, bombers, transports, experimental aircraft, drones, cruise missiles, nuclear bombs, slow planes and supersonic planes — the museum even has a gallery of ballistic missiles. I was struck by the sheer amount of genius and financial expenditure that went into creating all these amazing machines. Just the existence of these objects is a testament to scientific and engineering advancement, and we used all this know-how to kill people.

Museums are difficult places to photograph, but I did manage to get a few shots that I think are worth looking at.

Photo Dump: Glendale Steps

The same day I took the photos of Glendale Cemetery, I also took photos of the nearby Glendale Steps. They’re an old WPA project that fell into disrepair. They have since been restored, but I got there first. There are two symmetrical flights going up the hill from Glendale Avenue to South Walnut Street. At the time these pics were taken, the flight on the western side was overgrown and impassable. Like the Glendale Cemetery images, the color was an accident.