Why Just Pot?

With Washington and Colorado leading the charge with marijuana legalization, it seems like not a day goes by that there is some story in the press about another state considering some form of legalization. New York, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, Maine, Oregon, Alaska, Massachusetts — the list keeps growing. Now that Washington and Colorado have broken the ice, and polls show that the issue is no longer toxic for politicians to have nuanced, reasoned positions on, reform seems to be unstoppable. If that is the case, then good. Marijuana prohibition has been one of the most stupid, costliest set of laws this country has ever had. But, if keeping marijuana illegal is such a bad idea, what about other drugs, like heroin or LSD? If legalization of marijuana recognizes that using the drug is a personal choice that government has no business prohibiting, then why not end prohibition for all illegal drugs? Continue reading “Why Just Pot?”

The Great Pot Experiment

It is now legal to buy and sell cannabis in Colorado. The gradual legalization of pot that began with the medical marijuana movement has moved into its next stage. The goal has always been legalization, and now that the drug has gained widespread, though not universal, acceptance, it is good that states like Colorado and soon Washington are acting as laboratories, showing the rest of the country how legalization works. Continue reading “The Great Pot Experiment”