October Horrorshow: October Is Here!!

It’s finally here. After an eleven-month wait, October has returned. This is the month when all the ghosts and ghouls, all the slashers, monsters, aliens, and critters great and small, come out of the ether to populate mind and screen. Sure, the horror buff can, and will, watch horror films at any time of the year, but it is in October when it feels like coming home.

The return of October also means the return of The October Horrorshow here at Missile Test, wherein the site is dedicated to posting horror film reviews. Reviews will be posted twice a day, should I be able to keep up such a grueling schedule, in the morning and evening. Like in recent years, there is a theme for the evening reviews. This year the theme is The October Horrorshow XIII: Attack of the Franchise Sequels, celebrating some of the best and worst horror franchises, and the lucky 13th year of the Horrorshow.