Lo spettacolo dell’orrore italiano

October has arrived. It’s a holy month for we fans of horror cinema. The mere presence of the spooky day at the end of the month has given us license to let loose, just like how some grandmas manage to turn the entire month of December into a celebration of Christmas. Halloween is not just one day. It is an entire month where the enjoyment of ersatz blood and death is considered just good, wholesome fun.

The return of October also means the return of the October Horrorshow, when Missile Test joins in the celebration of all that is scary and violent. This is the fifteenth Horrorshow, and the theme this year is Italian horror. The morning posts will be all horror flicks from the boot, while afternoon posts, if there is one, will be random horror flicks I felt like writing about.

There’s no particular order or significance to the films that were chosen for the Italian Horrorshow. It’s not a comprehensive list, nor is it a ranking of the very best. Rather, these are all films that I found available on streaming, ready to be seen by the masses. A good deal of these flicks are obscure, but in the Information Age, obscure does not mean hard to find. If one of these films piques interest, I can guarantee it’s only a few clicks away in the tubes.