Trumpster Fire Day 908: Stop Feeding the Troll

Does anyone out there remember that there were going to be ICE raids this past weekend? How about the fact the Trump administration needs a new Secretary of Labor, and the reasons why? Or, what about the fact the United States is still marching towards war with Iran? Did all of these things, and more, just slip everyone in Washington’s and the media’s minds on Sunday? Did it really just take stupid, racist tweets from Donald Trump to make everyone forget the genuine shitshow that is his presidency?

A cardinal rule of the internet is not to feed the trolls. Internet trolls, and Trump is definitely one of them, survive on outrage. When trolls spout off about this or that, even about so consequential a subject as race and national origin, they’re doing it to provoke a reaction. In Trump’s case, the reaction of the Democratic Party to his tweet is acting as an unparalleled distraction from his continuing dismantling of the republic. He must be enjoying every second of this, because every second Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi spend talking about Trump’s tweets is another second’s delay on actually holding his administration accountable…for anything.

The most disheartening thing about yesterday’s tweets isn’t that the President of the United States has exposed himself further as an awful, terrible man who has no business holding the office, but that House Democrats, led by Speaker Pelosi, needed no more than two days to vote on a resolution condemning Trump’s tweets. Where has this sense of urgency been the last 908 days? Why have impeachment hearings not begun? Why is the most dangerous president in American history still president?

I don’t give a good goddamn what Donald Trump tweets. I don’t need any further evidence that he’s a vile human being. Instead of wasting time engaging Trump in his online shenanigans, how about House Democrats do some governing and save us from this monster?

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